Engaging Activity

An engaging activity is one that helps connect people to their surroundings and community in a meaningful way. The right activity at the right time of day can lend a sense of accomplishment, independence, and well-being. Our professional staff encourage residents to participate in events early in the day, when cognitive ability is highest. For many residents, afternoon and evening is a time for winding down. Of course, every resident is his or her own person. Any activity is always a choice. Finish a puzzle, take a walk in the garden, or read a book in the sun—whatever feels best for you, is best.

Group outings and get-togethers are fun opportunities to stay connected. We feature book clubs, a restaurant club, treks to Suns games, a breakfast club, and more.

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All in the Family

Family visits are essential to building and sustaining a rewarding and healthful lifestyle at Scottsdale Memory Care. You are welcome to keep company with your loved one anytime. We want you to feel at home, too. There is nothing better than sharing a meal together—just let us know you’re coming for lunch or dinner and we will set a place at the table.

Care Plans

The caregiver team at Scottsdale Memory Care schedules a quarterly care plan meeting with each family. These are face-to-face opportunities to share thoughts and discuss ongoing care options. In addition, we provide monthly family counseling, news, and progress updates anytime there is a change.

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