Learn About Our Cognitive Lifestyle

Cognitive Lifestyle

At Avenir Senior Living we believe in and practice our proven-effective methods which we call The Avenir Approach. This essential approach defines our daily dedication to the well-being of your loved one and how we provide support for the whole family through offering ongoing support, education and meaningful resources. We take pride in offering resident centered activities that nurtures the spirit, enables those effected with the disease-free choice, encourages individuality and independence, respects privacy and fosters the resident current abilities. Matching residential setting with cognitive and physical abilities is crucial for the provisions of a supportive long-term care environment. The cornerstone of this approach is centered around how we align your loved with those who have similar cognitive abilities which we call our Cognitive Lifestyle.

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 Purposefully Designed

We know that people with Dementia can continue to experience a range of emotions in response to their interactions and to their environment.  Our buildings are purposefully constructed and designed to counteract these emotions by having each neighborhood identical to the next so to ensure that your loved one always feels safe and secure even as they transition from one level of care to the next.

Resident Centered Activities

Our activities staff work hard to identify ways to provide residents with a purpose filled life through participation in developing activities that meets the individual’s lifestyle. Our activities have an emphasis on engaging the 7 Dimensions of Wellness which are Social, Emotional, Spiritual, Environmental, Occupational, Intellectual and Physical. Through our ongoing assessment process, we focus on learning about what makes our residents feel fulfilled and then align or develop activities within our daily and weekly calendar to get them engaged in those. 

Behavioral Experts

The true challenge for caregivers is not just managing behaviors but understanding why the behavior occurs.  There are many behavioral problems that sometimes accompany the Alzheimer’s disease and related illness.  There are many reasons why a difficult behavior may be occurring. Sometimes the behavior may be related to the changes taking place in the brain. There may be events or factors in the environment triggering the behavior. Using our Avenir Approach we work towards trying to understand what may be triggering the behavior and provide  the  appropriate interventions or redirection to lessen this on a day to day basis.  We also work closely to communicate and train our staff on each individual resident needs so that they can work with our resident in a meaningful and dignified way.  

Encourages Individuality 

Each resident will be able to retain that unique and complex mix of” Me-ness "which makes us who we are.